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Here at North Texas Dynamic Health Services we want our products, as well as service, to be of the highest caliber in the marketplace today. That is why we have chosen to work with companies with a strong commitment to quality and excellence. Click on underlined company names to access our direct links to these products.

Consolidated Wellness Solutions -- Custom blended herbs, flower essences, leaf essences, gem elixirs, minerals, and whole-food essences, for professional distribution only.

DesBio -- Homeopathic remedies for professional distribution only.

Enzyme Process -- Nutritional supplements for professional distribution only.

Young Living Essential Oils -- Therapeutic-grade and food-grade essential oils and supplements. Through this link, customers now receive wholesale pricing without having to become members or brand agents!

Vascular Therapy Medical Devices -- Microcirculation support with 12- to 16-hour residual effects and ongoing cumulative effects.

Air Purification & Sanitization Units -- Variety of air-contaminant removal products, ranging from personal ionizers for clearing breathing space to residential/small business units with the patented and certified Space technology ActivePure, which destroys contaminants in the air and on surfaces up to 3,000 sq ft.

Water Purification Systems -- Faucet add-ons for cleaner water in homes and businesses.